C9 International is specialised in strategic business consulting, reengineering of management systems, and the integration of experts into the client’s day-to-day business.   All C9 business and strategy consultants are experienced managers or entrepreneurs. They work closely together with clients in order to improve the experience of their customers. Even though customer expectations change quickly, the C9 experts keep pace with the latest developments.

Tim Belon
Founder, C9 International

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09. 03. 2018

Renault-Nissan Consulting

Renault Nissan Consulting is very satisfied with the delivered results of Thomas Schmidt with regard to the project C@RE 2.0. They look forward to a further cooperation with C9 International in the future!

07. 02. 2018

Van Laere

Construction company Van Laere chooses C9 for the transition of their HSEQ system. C9 supervises the transition from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2004 to ISO14001:2015. A gap analysis to ISO45001:2017 prepares Van Laere for the switch from OHSAS to ISO45001.     

23. 01. 2018


We are proud to announce that from spring of 2018 we will once again be the trusted partner of Kluwer for providing the courses: Internal Audit and ISO 45001

05. 01. 2018


C9 started again in spring with the provision of the courses: Internal Audit, ISO 14001 and Lean Management techniques, at Co-valent. Co-valent supports and stimulates competence development and employment of (future) employees and disadvantaged groups in, for example, the chemical sector.

16. 08. 2017

Jaguar Land Rover

Since the 3rd July 2017, C9 International has become the official partner of Jaguar Land Rover for the management of their BeNeLux Customer Centre. A team of C9 experts will handle all incoming enquiries from Jaguar Land Rover customers and assist them in finding solutions to enjoy their vehicle at most. C9 International is strengthening their market position in the BeNeLux region for delivering Customer Relation Centre Services in the Automotive Industry.

02. 01. 2017

C9 International to deliver trainings for the Health & Safety Breakthrough project

C9 International will deliver the trainings to support the Health & Safety Breakthrough project for the Renault subsidiaries in UK, Germany and Switzerland.

16. 12. 2016

Launch of C9 Busigraph in Belgium

C9 has finalized the development of the C9 Busigraph methodology. This is a completely new concept: owners of SMEs get a strategic coaching. During the sessions, all important processes of their businesses will be discussed with an expert. The different SMEs will develop their own C9 Busigraph which can be used as internal and/or external communication tool. We have chosen to roll out this model exclusively together with UNIZO for the Belgium market in 2017.  Afterwards, we will continue to roll out this model over the rest of Europe through our different entities.  

14. 12. 2016

C9 supports Jaguar Land Rover Dealerships in Belgium during Brussels Motorshow 2017

C9 will support JLR dealers during the Brussels Motorshow 2017 concerning lead management.  We will make sure that all customers get the attention they deserve.  C9 experts will be working from our central platform and will be on site at the dealers to deliver that support

13. 12. 2016

C9 chosen to support Renault Switzerland in Pro+ implementation

Apart from the German market, C9 Germany will also support Renault Switzerland in the implementation of new locations for their LCV program.

07. 12. 2016

C9 will support BeNeLux in the implementation of Renault C@RE2.0 in 2017

Besides the prolongation of the partnership to support Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK, C9 will also support BeNeLux in 2017 in further implementing C@RE2.0.


01. 11. 2016

Quiet merger Cloud Nine CMS bvba & Cloud Nine bvba

On November 1st 2016 Cloud Nine CMS bvba and Cloud Nine bvba have merged. Their activities will be continued under the name Cloud Nine bvba (BE 0861 455 020). This quiet merger will not bring any noticeable changes in our provided services for our clients.

Address change Cloud Nine bvba
On November 1st 2016 the registered head office of Cloud Nine moved to Rupelweg 8, B-2850, Boom (Antwerp). After the move you can still contact us on our trusted telephone number +32 (0)3 443 7100,   contact form on our website and e-mail addresses.

28. 06. 2016

C9 supports Eureka to implement ISO9001:2015

We are proud to announce that C9 consultants will support Eureka to implement a management system within their organization which is compliant versus the new ISO9001:2015 standard.
Eureka is an intergovernmental network established in 1985.  It is a leading facilitator of innovation, providing a proven platform for international R&D&I cooperation.  Eureka promotes and supports market-oriented international R&D&I project generation.  
Eureka facilitates access to finance for companies involved in its projects.

03. 05. 2016

Renault Crédit International chooses C9 International as a partner

We are very proud to announce that Renault Crédit International (RCI) has chosen C9 International (Belgium) as a partner. We will closely work together to deliver the best possible service towards RCI customers.

09. 03. 2016

Launch of C9 Dealer Support Platform

After some months of preparation we have launched our C9 Dealer Support Platform (C9 DSP). Today dealer(groups) are under a lot of pressure, they need to deliver results day after day.  Therefore they require specialized services which support their core business (sales & after sales).  Through this platform we offer some specialized services to dealer(groups).  These services can be delivered on site or from a centralized C9 platform (customer contact center).  As a first service pack we now offer all kinds of lead management services (lead qualification, lost leads management,…).  Further service packs will be developed in close collaboration with our customers.

18. 01. 2016

C9 International - Centralized Marketing Department

As from the 18th of January we have set up a centralized Marketing Department in Prague.  Tereza Mahr will coordinate all Marketing activities for all C9 locations in Europe.  We would like to welcome Tereza in our team!

11. 01. 2016

Toyota Financial Services confirms the prolongation of the partnership with C9 International (Prague)

Since 2014 we train and coach the Toyota dealer network in Czech Republic in trade cycle management (Toyota Garant).  In 2016 we will continue to do so.

28. 12. 2015

HSH Aerospace Finishes prolongs the partnership with C9 Belgium.

C9 will continue to deliver strategical management services towards HSH Aerospace Finishes to further support the growth of the company.

01. 12. 2015

C9 will support the introduction and roll-out of the NISSAN excellence program.

8 C9 consultants will support NISSAN to implement their excellence program in the German, Belgian, Austrian and Swiss retail network.

23. 11. 2015

C9 Belgium has been chosen to enforce the SUND management team.

SUND (www.sund.be), a fast growing Belgium innovative company, which specialises in moving brands & engaging audiences (ea football), has selected 2 C9 experts to reinforce their management team.

18. 11. 2015

C9 Germany will continue to pilot Renault C@RE 2.0 in 2016

Renault has decided to prolong the partnership with C9 Germany to support Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK in rolling out the Renault Excellence program.

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